CART Captioning – It’s not new but it’s being requested more!

February 20, 2017 8:00 am Published by

We’ve been offering CART Captioning for years but it’s growing in popularity as a requested service for our clients. Also called Communication Access Real-time Translation or Real-time Captioning, this is a service that is delivered remotely or on-location. How is CART captioning delivered? Real-time captioning is delivered instantly using a stenotype machine, real-time software, or computer with spoken word translated to text that is displayed on a screen, video presentation, or computer monitor. If you’ve been at the gym or airport watching television, the words scrolling on the screen are the work of a captioner. Who benefits? Captioning benefits the... View Article

Stay Focused No Matter What Happens

February 6, 2017 7:18 pm Published by

Whether it’s shots fired, smuggled contraband, or attorneys having a loud discussion with each other in court, we remind our court reporters to stay focused no matter what happens. The more concentrate on your role, the more accurately you can record what’s happening. In the case of a dangerous situation, you’re also better able to assess what’s happening so you can get assistance or recall events later. While most days are fairly benign, it takes a special person to be a court reporter. How We’re Trained I don’t know if it’s more about how reporters are trained or the qualities... View Article