Communication in Court Reporting

July 24, 2017 7:21 pm Published by

I visited a Facebook group designed for court reporters and a scenario came up involving communication in court reporting that went like this: Attorney A requests a deposition on Thursday with transcription delivery on Friday. Trial starts on Monday. Attorney B is present for the conversation, hears the request by A for expedited transcript, and B requests expedited transcript. Both attorneys are charged for expedited delivery. B is upset they were charged and says only the attorney who requested should be charged. What should the court reporter do?  Feedback is requested from the group and the answers boil down to... View Article

The Human Touch Matters When it Comes to Court Reporting

July 6, 2017 10:49 pm Published by

When I came across an article called, “Court Reporting Makes a Comeback as More Legal Proceedings Demand Human Touch,” I was taken aback. If you’ve been reading this blog or those of other court reporting agencies, you will understand my reaction. While court reporting is evolving, there is actually a high demand for reporters in legal, business, and civil settings. It hasn’t been a declining profession in need of a comeback so why would they say that? From an economic perspective, there are always ups and downs whether it’s the stock market, business cycles, or a specific industry like court... View Article