Stay Focused No Matter What Happens

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Whether it’s shots fired, smuggled contraband, or attorneys having a loud discussion with each other in court, we remind our court reporters to stay focused no matter what happens.

The more concentrate on your role, the more accurately you can record what’s happening. In the case of a dangerous situation, you’re also better able to assess what’s happening so you can get assistance or recall events later. While most days are fairly benign, it takes a special person to be a court reporter.

How We’re Trained

I don’t know if it’s more about how reporters are trained or the qualities it takes to be in the profession – or maybe it’s a combination – but I know there are times when it’s almost like our reporters are in a trance focused on their work. Noises like pens clicking or shoes tapping and all they can do is listen to what’s being said by the judge, attorneys, and witnesses. Even if it takes a few cups of coffee throughout the day, they’re focused on the task at hand.

Not Your Momma’s Courtroom

There are times when what is being described will make a court reporter cringe. Whether it’s medical procedures or crime scene forensics, you’ve got to have a strong stomach and maintain your composure. This is not your momma’s courtroom so expect to be shocked. Practice your poker face because there are personal matters, that when taken to court, become public record for everyone, including the court reporter, to hear or see.


While we don’t get as many high profile cases in Sacramento as they do in southern California, we hear our fair share of details that should remain confidential. Whether it’s related to a violent crime, income for a family law dispute, or medical details, it’s up to us to keep it private. Our clients expect us to hold what we hear to ourselves and preserve it for the record. If we don’t, we’re risking their client’s case. For criminal cases, that could be the life of their client.

As court reporters, we’re asked and expected to stay focused no matter what happens in court or at a deposition. It takes a professional level of conduct on our part and we expect the same of the reporters that we work with here at our agency.

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