What qualities do you need to be a court reporter?

January 21, 2017 6:59 pm Published by

Whether you’re thinking about a new or different career, court reporting offers flexibility of schedule and six-figure earning power, quite attractive especially for those seeking a lifestyle outside a corporate schedule. If you’re seeking a regular paycheck and vacation time, you may look in a different direction. While there are positions available in courts, the growing opportunities are for freelance court reporters within and outside the legal field. It’s not a career for everyone so let’s look at the qualities you need to be a court reporter. If you’re punctual, focused, and detail-oriented, court reporting could be a great opportunity... View Article

Facts about Court Reporters

January 6, 2017 7:45 am Published by

You see court reporters on television shows and live court proceedings and wonder if we’re always in the courtroom. The answer is a definitive no! It’s one of the facts about court reporters that you might not know. Our skills extend past the legal setting and can be used in closed captioning, business settings, and community meetings, to name a few. Court Reporters are not just for legal teams. While reporters play an important, if not integral, role in depositions and court proceedings, we’re not just for legal teams. Our skills can also be applied to other services including closed... View Article