CART Captioning – It’s not new but it’s being requested more!

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We’ve been offering CART Captioning for years but it’s growing in popularity as a requested service for our clients. Also called Communication Access Real-time Translation or Real-time Captioning, this is a service that is delivered remotely or on-location.

How is CART captioning delivered?

Real-time captioning is delivered instantly using a stenotype machine, real-time software, or computer with spoken word translated to text that is displayed on a screen, video presentation, or computer monitor. If you’ve been at the gym or airport watching television, the words scrolling on the screen are the work of a captioner.

Who benefits?

Captioning benefits the deaf and hard of hearing who now have equal access to information whether that’s as they are watching television, attending an event, or participating in school. For those who struggle with spoken word, captioned lectures aid in the student’s retention and understanding of the lesson.

For legal teams, it means faster delivery of depositions and capturing of information quickly for their clients. It streamlines the process of gathering information for a case not only because of the speed of information but because it can be done remotely; that means deposing witnesses who may not have otherwise been deposed or who might have a delayed deposition.

In the business world, it means presentations, webinars, and seminars are available instantly anywhere in the world. This is especially important for business travelers who may not be able to participate from noisy locations but who can now enjoy from the comfort of wherever they’re working.

What does it take?

Our captioners are among the fastest and most accurate in the court reporting industry. With advanced training, our CART captioners (CRR) average more than 260 words per minute (wpm) at 95% accuracy compared to Registered Professional Reporters (RPR) who average 225 wpm.

Ultimately, we all benefit from CART captioning being requested more!

At Accuracy-Plus we believe in the power of information to change lives. If we can deliver that information faster and more accurately, then we’ve done our job. Contact us today to learn more.

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