Apps That Can Save Legal Pros Time

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I’ll be the first to admit I am not the person in my household who loves apps but when you find the right ones, there are apps that can save legal pros time. Not only that but they can make you more efficient by being able to look up legal terms and laws, make and cancel appointments on the spot, and organize your firm.

Save Space by Using the Cloud

Whether you’re an Android user in love with Google or an Apple user in love with the iCloud, using apps will save space on your computer while still giving you and your clients access to documents. As an Android user, I love Google Drive for creating and storing files, allowing client and colleague viewing as needed, and accessing via laptop or app. The best part? It’s free up to a certain amount of data and reasonable rates as business needs expand. Dropbox is another space saving option that is accessible via laptop or app.

Legal Reference at Your Fingertips 

Remember the days when you had to return to the office and search through books for the legal reference you needed? Consider those days in the past. LegalStack, LegalEdge, and DroidLaw provide federal and state laws, procedural rules, and updates on cases from across the nation right from your phone. Free and paid versions are available.

Apps that can save Legal Pros Time

Tired of trying to track your time on cases? Download CaseFox, a timekeeping and billing software for legal professionals, accountants, and anyone who needs to track and bill client-specific work. Up to four cases and two users can utilize the app for free. Might be worth it if you’re a small firm and need constant contact with your partner, assistant, or paralegal.

CaseManager allows users to take their practice on the road and is accessible even when there is no internet service. Calendar, contacts, events, tasks, documents, notes, time and expense tracking are all available for a low monthly fee. If you’re on the road often, it could be quite useful for you and your team as it syncs with Dropbox.

Looking for something fun? Download WeirdLaws but beware that laws may not be verified or may no longer apply. It’s really more of a party trick. “Is it legal to eat an orange while soaking in a bath in Sacramento?” Look it up and find out. At the very least, you will be the hit of a party with your odd knowledge!

I love to be the go-to person for ridiculous, interesting, and helpful information. When I can find the right apps, it’s a win for me, my friends, and my clients. When it can make my business more efficient, it’s even better. Comment below on your favorite apps that can save legal pros time.

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