What qualities do you need to be a court reporter?

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Whether you’re thinking about a new or different career, court reporting offers flexibility of schedule and six-figure earning power, quite attractive especially for those seeking a lifestyle outside a corporate schedule. If you’re seeking a regular paycheck and vacation time, you may look in a different direction. While there are positions available in courts, the growing opportunities are for freelance court reporters within and outside the legal field. It’s not a career for everyone so let’s look at the qualities you need to be a court reporter.

If you’re punctual, focused, and detail-oriented, court reporting could be a great opportunity for you.

Court reporters are among the most focused people that we know. It’s our job as reporters to record exactly what is being said or in the case of real-time captioners, to have the speed and accuracy of transcribing for a live audience moments after the words are uttered. That takes skill, focus, and accuracy without distraction.

If you love crime scene details and are the secret-keeper for your closest colleagues, consider court reporting.

Not just anyone can sit in a deposition or courtroom and listen to the details of the most graphic or emotional cases. In addition, you have to keep these, and more, details to yourself. It can take its toll so you have to be prepared. These cases are among the most important as the outcome can change someone’s life. They’re also where court reporters are most needed and, in some states required by law, to be part of the proceeding.

If you’re judgmental about the cases or business you’re covering, you may not be right for this career.

Court reporters are involved in matters of confidentiality and are expected to be non-judgmental in their interpretation of what is being said. We’re there solely to record and transcribe, not judge the people involved, including our clients and their clients.

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