How to Avoid a Court Reporter Shortage

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What happens when industry-specific professionals are in short supply? The industry comes together to understand the problem and encourage change. That’s just what we’re doing with the pending court reporter shortage.

In 2014, Ducker Worldwide released a report stating that while there are 32,000 court reporters across the nation, there are geographic areas where there is already a shortage. And the shortage is only going to grow if we, as an industry, don’t take action.

It’s worth noting that by 2018 it is estimated that there will be a shortage of more than 5,000 court reporters nationwide.

While California is among the states with the most, there are rural areas and counties like Maricopa County, Arizona where the shortage is already impacting the courts. We can’t afford to let it get any worse.

What does the court reporter shortage mean to us?

In the Sacramento area, court reporting services are in high demand for legal as well as business settings. At the same time that demand is increasing, court reporting schools are closing faster than we can count and reporters are retiring. To us, that means getting the word out about the benefits of court reporting.

  • This is NOT a dying profession.
  • Reporters are in greater demand now more than ever.
  • There is no four year degree required.
  • Earning potential is in the six figures.

The Drucker report indicates the average salary across the nation for reporters is $43,000; we’re predicting that number to increase as demand increases. With experience, professionals can make well into the six figures, making it an attractive career choice for those who are focused and detail oriented.

How can the industry strengthen itself?

We believe that communication matters when it comes answering the question of how to avoid the shortage. Thorough social media, blogs, press releases, and community outreach we can, as an industry, tell our stories and share the benefits of being a court reporter with people who may have otherwise assumed we’re a dying industry. The more we can spread the word about the need for court reporting services, the better it will be for our industry. Ultimately, we need people enrolling in schools to fill the gap left by retirees.

As an attorney or reporter you can share this blog post to your social media and encourage those seeking a new career to consider court reporting. We know we can shift the tide before it’s too late.

If you’re interested in learning more or are in need of a court reporter, contact us today!

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