Relationship Building Tips for Court Reporters

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We believe a great court reporting service doesn’t happen by accident. Sourcing for the best court reporters and serving our clients is our mission but there’s another side to the business. We have to be treating our court reporters right so they deliver to our attorney and business clients.

As a court reporter, your work is part of winning or losing a case.

Relationship Building Tips for Court Reporters

  1. Accuracy Matters – Accuracy is part of our business name for a reason. It truly matters especially when it comes to court reporting. The best court reporters develop a high level of detail in their work making it easier for the legal team to review later. Don’t skimp on the time you spend proofreading. It could be the difference between the client requesting you for future work or not.
  2. Technology knowledge – Want to build a successful court reporting business? Keep up with the latest trends and technology so you’re not left behind. If you can take live depositions virtually or transcribe digital recordings or proceedings, you’re at a higher value than traditional court reporters.
  3. Location – There are cases which have witnesses in a number of states or cities. This shouldn’t matter for a seasoned court reporter. If your client, whether an attorney or business owner, needs you, then you travel or make arrangements to take live depositions or transcribe webinars and seminars remotely.
  4. Organization – Whether you’re a court reporter working from home or you’re travelling to locations, organization is key to the success of your business. Use online calendars, block time for work, schedule depositions, and establish workspace in your home to set yourself up for success with your clients.
  5. New opportunities – Court reporting doesn’t just take place in the courtroom. In fact, much of it is outside working with lawyers and their clients to take depositions. There are even opportunities to work with businesses transcribing webinars, seminars, and other events, making our professional valuable to people outside the legal field; be open to the opportunities that may come your way!


Relationship building for court reporters is an essential part of success. That includes delivering high quality accurate work to clients, and being organized and open to new opportunities that will come your way.

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