Court Reporting

Regardless of the scope and size of your court cases, you inevitably can use help whenever it is offered. At Accuracy-Plus Reporting, we are in the business of making your life easier, and giving you the necessary tools to do your job well. Whether you need a quality court reporter, a stenographer, or even video conference depositions – we can provide them and more!

Competitive Pricing and Decades of Experience


Accuracy-Plus Reporting provides the gold standard of record keeping, stenographic court reporting.  Stenography is, hands down, the most professional, accurate, and consistent method of court reporting making it the gold standard among lawyers, paralegals, and courts, nationwide.

Realtime Court Reporting

More than 90% of court reporting students eventually leave school due to the profession’s grueling requirements.  Of the 10% that become certified court reporters, only a handful go on to become certified realtime reporters (CRR). CRRs are a cut above, providing the ability for attorneys to read, annotate, and understand testimony with pinpoint precision, as the deposition is happening. Realtime technology allows lawyers to understand the testimony better by reading the answers in realtime.  This means attorneys can instantly follow up and impeach witnesses.

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