Legal Videography

Legal Videography, helping jurors better understand testimony.

Legal Videography

Nothing but the Truth
No matter how you slice it, the more senses you can engage when presenting something, the better the audience will understand it. In the case of trial presentation (no pun intended), jurors are able to not only hear testimony that’s uttered, but they can also see the witness speaking.
This adds a layer of understanding that can’t be gleaned from a transcript, alone. ¬†Being able to see a witness testify and observe non-verbal communication like facial expressions and the tone of voice can add levels of understanding that just can’t be presented in a transcript.

Transcript Synchronization

If you think presenting video is powerful, imagine being able to highlight key points of testimony in the video and the transcript simultaneously!

Easy make clips, emphasize key testimony, and present it the jury to help your trial presentation.

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