The Power of a Vacation

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We often get caught up in work and the business of running a family to take a vacation but it’s probably one of the most productive things we can do.

The reality is that stepping away has its benefits that cannot be measured on the bottom line.

Turn off the phone and computer, make reservations at a resort or just spend time away from business, and enjoy whatever makes you happy without worrying about your freelance court reporting business. I can almost guarantee you will return refreshed, relaxed, and filled with creative ideas of how to better serve your clients.

Vacations are good for you.

I didn’t believe it when I read articles that vacations are good for us in mind, body, and spirit.

When I started my business I was constantly spending time with other business owners, sharing tips for growth, where to buy the best equipment or find office space, and referring connections to each other. What I realized was that I was making myself exhausted. There was no time to do what I wanted and I was feeling stagnant in business; I took time away from the office and found the science of taking a vacation to be true:

  • Sleep quality improved (read: no insomnia) because I was less stressed.
  • Headaches caused by not moving enough and sitting too much was reduced.
  • Creativity increased. I was on vacation making notes of how I improve my business. I should note that working on the business wasn’t part of the plan but when the moment strikes, I need to capture the ideas so I did and then went back to being on vacation.

When I returned to the office I was more focused and productive and wondered why I hadn’t taken a vacation sooner! 

Whether it’s an afternoon at the spa, wine night with friends, or a getaway in paradise, we need to make time for ourselves. Put it on your schedule. Make it part of your week, month, or year. The reality is that your clients will appreciate the refreshed version of you more than the stressed version. Sit back and relax. The power of a vacation is that it’s good for your Sacramento business.

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