We’ve got a conference room for you!

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Are you an attorney in need of space for an upcoming deposition? We’ve got the conference room for you! If you’re in the Roseville or Sacramento area, we’re your one-stop for whatever you need to make your next case a success.

Schedule Ahead of Time

Have you ever walked into the wrong room wondering what is happening? It sounds like the nightmare of a college student but it can happen to you if you don’t reserve a conference room ahead of time! We don’t want you to walk into another meeting thinking the room is yours.

Avoid the awkward moment when you call us at least a week in advance to make sure the conference room is available and so we can get you on our schedule. Allow more time if you also need a court reporter as we will have to coordinate your schedule and theirs.

Leave it Cleaner than You Find It

Who is the guest you always want to have back to your home? It might be the one who politely and discreetly clears the dinner table or loads the dishwasher while you’re entertaining your guests. It’s the same for our conference rooms. We simply ask that you leave it as clean (or cleaner) than you find it.

Clear lunch off the table. Alert staff to an overflowing garbage can. Move chairs and video equipment back to where you found them. These are all ways to be sure we say, “Yes!” the next time you request a conference room. We will do our best to make sure you have the set-up you need for your meeting.

It’s Not Your Office

While we enjoy having you at our location, please understand it’s not your office. We offer conference rooms for depositions, large client meetings, and staff training. There are executive suites that can accommodate your need to work away from the home office a few days of the week. They offer amenities like a receptionist and mailing address that we don’t.

What we do offer are conference rooms for large meetings and depositions. Need space for an upcoming case? We’d love to have you join us at Accuracy-Plus Reporting!

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