Deck the Halls and Thank Your Team

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Deck the halls and all that jazz. What does holiday magic matter if you’re not thanking the people who help your firm? Don’t be a Scrooge this holiday season with our gift ideas for court reporters.

Back it Up

We might be the quietest people in the room but we’re performing a job that’s important to you and your client. When we go home at night, it’s likely we’re working until the wee hours to deliver your transcript accurately and on-time. That’s hours and hours spent seated and typing. It’s truly not comfortable or healthy.

That’s where you can help. Just search “lower lumbar support” on Amazon and we’re sure there’s something to help our aching backs!

Keep it clean

Working at home means we probably have personal and business mixed together which can lead to a mess of wires or spilled drinks. There’s nothing worse than thinking we’re ready to send documents to a client only to see the cup tip over (in slow motion like a car accident) and ruin our hours of work.

Help us keep our workspace clean with a multi-port charging system, blu-tack cable management system, and a coffee cup holder. Practical and a little boring? Yes. Highly appreciated? For sure!

Sweet Music

It can get pretty boring working for hours and days at home by ourselves. For those moments when we need to feel like we’re not alone, we’d love a subscription to Pandora or Spotify so we can listen to our favorite music. Who knows….we might even throw a dance party for one to lighten the mood!

Just for Fun

There truly is something for everyone, even court reporters. Check out court reporter gifts that include a t-shirt that says, “A court reporter’s three favorite words: No further questions.” We saw that and giggled; sometimes things are funny because they’re true!

We truly appreciate working with you on your Sacramento cases and look forward to a new year filled with interesting clients. Here’s to your healthy holiday season!

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