Ways to Appreciate Your Court Reporter

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As the holiday season enters busy mode, don’t forget to thank the people who make your job a little easier just by being there for you. We might be among the quietest people in the courtroom or boardroom but we provide a valuable service to you and your clients. Here are a few ways to appreciate your court reporter this holiday season (or anytime!):

Say thank you.

In today’s fast paced world it’s challenging to remember everything we’re supposed to do to meet obligations, much less go the extra mile. Keep it simple and say thank you. I know we appreciate kind words! It makes us feel like what we do matters.

Write a card.

When was the last time you received something in the mail that wasn’t a bill? If you’re like us, it’s hardly ever! Whether it’s a holiday card or thank you note, we appreciate when you take time to handwrite a note to us. Keep a box of thank you notes on hand for those times when your court reporter goes above and beyond for you.

Chocolate (who doesn’t love it??)

In my life I’ve only met one person who doesn’t like chocolate so it’s a safe bet that sending a little sweetness will make your reporter’s day, if not holiday season!

Buy lunch.

Seriously, I can’t tell you how many times our reporters are left out of the lunch ordering loop during a long day. It upsets them (and us) to think they were forgotten. Make your reporters day simply by buying them lunch. It’s especially appreciated on those long deposition days!

Give us a card.

Did you call for a Sacramento court reporter last minute? When you meet them, give them your business card so they can accurately identify you in the transcript and follow up with you after the proceeding. Extra points if you can provide a list of witnesses and/or terms that may be used in the case.

Whether it’s a simple thank you or a token of appreciation, our reporters appreciate when they are recognized for a job well done. Thanks in advance for however you’re recognizing the people in your life who matter this holiday season!

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