What is Real Time Court Reporting?

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Are you a highly skilled court reporter? Can you type upwards of 200 wpm with 96% accuracy? If you answered yes to these questions, consider becoming a Certified Real-time Reporter (CRR).

As a CRR you will be translating live for legal proceedings and closed captioning. That means upping your speed and accuracy. Many reporters find real-time depositions to be a good starting place to try their new skills. Pauses for attorneys to make notes, for example, provide time to correct mistakes to spelling and grammar and deliver an accurate transcript.

Real-Time Court Reporting Efficiency

Rather than having to translate abbreviated language to English, real-time transcription translates live thanks to technology. Stenography machines are linked to a computer equipped with computer-aided transcription (CAT) so shorthand is translated to readable English right before your eyes. Not only is it changing the timeline for distributing transcripts to lawyers and judges, and it’s changing business too.

Outside a Legal Setting

As a real-time court reporter, you can opt out of the legal setting or expand your business to include closed captioning services for broadcasting companies, businesses, and educational institutions.

The advent of social media has made it necessary to transcribe video and live events from politics, professional sporting events, webinars, seminars, and more. Content marketers LOVE reporters because we can transcribe in a fraction of the time it takes a virtual assistant which means information can be shared via video to social media, blogs, and websites in real-time.

Reporters Won’t Be Replaced

Advancements in technology have often made our industry worried that it’s the end of our profession but that’s simply not true. We’re still needed to produce transcripts and log evidence. And if we can do that in a live setting, that’s even better.

There’s no replacing the human part of court reporting. We’re pleased to see technology expanding opportunities. Real-time court reporting skills are needed in the legal setting and now there are ever expanding opportunities in the business world. It’s a great time to be a court reporter in the Sacramento area!

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