Productivity Tips for Court Reporters

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As a court reporter you understand your day doesn’t end when you’re done taking depositions. It takes planning to be your most productive but household responsibilities can be challenging to balance especially when your workload is overwhelming. If you work from home, your day is more flexible which can be a benefit but it also means you’re responsible for time management.

Having trouble getting organized? Try these productivity tips for court reporters and let us know how it changes your day.

  1. Plan your day  Whether you spend ten minutes at the end or beginning of the day, plan what you’re going to accomplish. Diving into the first thing you see can be distracting and you may forget the tasks you must complete that day. The result is either that you forget something or are working late to get everything completed. That can make for an unbalanced work-home life.
  2. Eliminate distractions – Working from home can mean being distracted by television, household chores, pets, and family. Eliminate distractions by making sure everyone is taken care of and knows when it’s work time. Assign someone to walk the dog, do laundry, or wash the dishes or make those tasks part of your routine. Set the DVR for your must-watch shows so you can watch during non-work time and turn off notifications on your phone. You will find you’re more focused and can get more done in less time.
  3. Eat well – You are what you eat so eat healthy! While you might want to reach for the chocolate, it’s better for your brain and body to choose a protein-rich snack like almonds or a protein shake. It will sustain energy for longer and you won’t experience peaks and valleys of energy.
  4. Get sleep – We’ve all experienced crazy weeks where it feels like all we’re doing is working and eating. Keeping this kind of schedule long-term is bad for your health. You’ve got to be getting at least 6-8 hours sleep to be at your most productive. Having trouble sleeping? Try increasing exercise; even 30 minutes of walking each day will burn off the stress that’s keeping you awake at night.
  5. Take breaks – It sounds counter intuitive but stepping away from work actually makes you more productive. Taking a walk, dancing, or stretching helps reset your brain and gets the blood flowing. Sitting for long periods of time is damaging to the body.


Don’t stay stuck to your computer locked in your office. To be your most productive, we recommend taking breaks, eating well, getting sleep, planning, and eliminating distractions.

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